Acids recovery Acids recovery

Pickling solution composition depends on the composition of metals and alloys subjected to processing and can contain various acids and their mixtures: sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric, hydrofluoric etc. Principle contaminants of the pickling solutions are iron, chromium, Nickel and other metals, organic impurities, suspended solids. "BMT" offers the technologies for the processing of the concentrat

"BMT" develops technologies and manufactures equipment for processing concentrated working solutions and regenerating pickling solutions based on sulfuric, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, phosphoric, and other acids and their mixtures. Special attention is paid to the development of zero-discharge technologies providing closed cycle of water and working solutions.

In the production processes of instrument-making, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, glass industry, etc. significant amount of acids, alkalis, metals, salts, organic substances and other substances are used. Waste products of electroplating and printed circuit boards production cause environmental long-term pollution, besides valuable chemical raw materials are spent.

Technologies are zero discharge technology ranks high importance nowadays to reduce environmental pollution.

The following technologies have been developed by “BMT”:

  • Sulfuric acid recovery from the spent pickling solutions by crystallization

  • Sulfuric acid recovery from the spent pickling solutions by electro membrane method

  • Sulfuric acid recovery from the spent pickling solutions by low temperature hydrolysis

  • Hydrofluoric acid recovery

Over 1000 local and integral treatment plants have been produced in various industries.

ed working solutions.

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