Electrolyte recovery Electrolyte recovery

Electroplating and etching processes require various range of working solutions (electrolytes, acids etc.). Our specialists developed and successfully implement the technology of purification and recovery of chromium electrolytes which allows reuse of electrolytes in the production process (up to 96%) and to reduce the load on the treatment facilities.

The spent chromium electrolyte is characterized by various organic and inorganic impurities including Fe - over 10 g/l and Cr+3 - 10-15 g/l. The volley discharge of these solutions causes operational schedule disorder and the loss of the valuable components.

Chromium electrolyte recovery allows to reuse electrolyte retaining coating quality. Every treatment stage can operate separately.

Treatment efficiency:

  • Iron and other heavy metals, min 92%

  • Suspended and colloid particles, min 99%

  • Surfactants, min 60%

When pH rises, iron hydroxides and other heavy metals are formed, which can be removed by further filtration.

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