Waste neutralization plants Waste neutralization plants

«BМТ» renders services of ecologic monitoring and audit of the existing treatment facilities to determine the possibility of their modernizing or designing new treatment facilities. Most treatment facilities in Russia were constructed in 70-80s of the last century and now their physical wear exceeds 80%. The operation is usually manual. Moreover such facilities do not provide the required quality of the local standards. The enterprises are frequently fined for the violation of the ecologic standards.

The technologic effluents of various industries contain alkali and acids. Most acidic waste waters contain heavy metal salts, which are to be removed. To avoid the corrosion of the sewage facilities, undesirable biochemical processes in biological oxidizers and water bodies, as well as the deposition of heavy metals salts acidic and alkaline effluents are to be neutralized.

In compliance with the law hazardous liquids cannot be discharged into water bodies or sewage. They are to be processed properly to prevent negative impact on environment.

To modernize old treatment facilities “BMT” offers the following equipment:

  • sedimentation and dewatering unit

  • coagulant and flocculant dosage, pH correction units etc.

  • neutralization of chromium, cyanide containing effluents etc. units

  • removal of heavy metals traces units

  • wastewater purification and desalination units to create a closed water cycle

  • control cabinet

Treatment facilities upgrading is done with the possible application of the existing equipment. Our company cooperates with basic producers of electroplating equipment for industrial enterprises.

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