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Over 20 years ООО "БМТ" produces laboratory and semi-production membrane distillers and deionizers producing 5-100 l/h. The plants design includes mechanical filtration, activated carbon, reverse osmosis and deionization units. Most models have a built-in pump and antiscalant unit. Thanks to continuous monitoring of specific electrical conductivity, proper water quality is guaranteed.

Membrane distillers are designed to produce demineralized water corresponding to:

  • Requirements for distilled water quality according to GOST 6709-72 "Distilled Water. Technical conditions."

  • Water quality requirements for laboratory analysis according to GOST R 52501-2005 (ISO 3696:1987) "Water for laboratory analysis. Technical conditions."

  • Water quality requirements for the electronics industry by OST 11.029.003-80 " Water used in production" and ASTM D-5127-90

Distillers “DM” are reliable and efficient. Their technological advantages are easy maintenance, low energy consumption and low service expenses. All elements of distillers are easily replaced. The devices can be regenerated, providing high stability of the water quality. The undoubted advantage of distillers "DM" is the possibility to obtain water of the required quality.


“BMT” offers new model for producing distilled and deionized water with a capacity of 50 and 100 l/h on the basis of electrodeionization.

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