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"BМТ" has developed innovative technology for wastewater treatment of fish, meat and milk processing plants with high concentration of organic pollutants. The technology has been implemented and operates effectively at a number of food industry enterprises in Russia and the CIS.

Waste water of fish, meat and milk processing industries contains numerous and various pollutants: fat, milk, scales, wool, blood, pieces of animal tissue, salt, mineral insoluble impurities, detergents, etc. These waters are characterized by high BOD, COD, suspended solids, fats and other impurities, thus not allowing the discharge of these effluents directly into the city collector and further to urban biological treatment facilities. Moreover these effluents are often characterized by an increased content of chlorides due to the discharge of brine solutions into the wastewater.

Technological solutions for the effluents treatment depend on the requirements for treated water and provide purification requirements for the discharge into the collector or the fishery pond.

The technology includes two stages:

Stage 1: physico-chemical method, ensuring the discharge requirements for biological treatment facilities

Stage 2: biological treatment method ensuring the discharge requirements for fishery pond.

“BMT” offers effective systems of water treatment for food industry, and also various technologies of processing raw materials of the food enterprises.

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