Highly mineralized waste water Highly mineralized waste water

«BМТ» has developed integrated technology of mineralized water desalination based on 2-stage Reverse Osmosis. To increase membrane concentration rate, the stage of initial water softening is introduced. RO concentrate is evaporated thus reducing waste amount and obtaining easily utilized salts.

The technology provides:

  • Water zero discharge, up to 95% is reused

  • Reuse of 90% of valuable chemical substances and compositions (acids and alkali)

  • Considerable reduction of solid waste. Waste is transferred into IV hazard class or used as secondary resource

  • Operational expenses reduction of 15–20% as compared with traditional technologies

  • Coating quality improvement

  • Ecologically friendly production.

Chemical treatment as the most common Waste water treatment method does not provide sufficient quality for water reuse in the production process. Chemically contaminated waste water is fed into neutralization plants not only after electroplating but after thermal treatment processes, boilers, mechanical treatment etc. It causes bid amount of highly mineralized waste water with high hardness and 15 mg/l mineralization. Such water cannot be either reused or discharged. The integrated technology of highly mineralized water desalination includes the following stages:

  • Initial waste averaging

  • chemical lime-soda softening with subsequent settling and filtration of clarified water

  • sediment dewatering

  • deep processing and desalination of clarified water using 2-stage reverse osmosis, RO concentrate evaporation

“BMT” uses various efficient energy saving evaporators in the projects which provide considerable energy reduction. Evaporators may additionally include final drying and salts crystallization units. Dehydrating sludge (metals hydroxides) and crystalline salts are utilized.

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