Landfill leachate Landfill leachate

«BMT» has developed, patented and implemented in some projects innovative technology of municipal leachate treatment. The technology comprises progressive membrane technology and effective traditional methods, including electric chemistry.

Currently the problem of municipal waste neutralization and disposal has ranked vital importance. Waste amount is drastically increasing.

Despite all known technologies 80% of waste is buried traditionally in soil. The problem of leachate neutralization has been very important during dozens of years even after the landfill is closed.

Landfill leachate is a dark, brown, smelly liquid containing organic substances (such as BOD, COD), heavy metals (zinc, chromium, lead, cadmium, copper, etc.) and biogenic compounds (ammonium nitrogen, phosphates, etc.).

According to the bioassay results, the filtrate contaminated with toxic compounds cannot be discharged to the relief or to the reservoir of cultural, household and fishery purposes without thorough and multi-stage purification.

"BMT" offers integrated landfill leachate technology combining Reverse osmosis and traditional methods, which provides retention of 98 to 99% of all organic and inorganic impurities soluble in the feed water, depending on the quality of the leachate and purification stages.

The technology provides treatment from main contaminants:

  • COD -99%

  • ammonium ions-99.8%

  • chlorides-99.3%

  • iron - up to 100%

  • heavy metals – min 99.6 % etc.

Control System provides automatic operation. Control is carried out both on site and via GSM channel using the data transmission unit.

Landfill leachate treatment plant is ecologically friendly. Purified and demineralized water is environmentally safe and its discharge does not negatively affect surrounding flora and fauna.

BMT has developed over 15 plants for landfill water treatment.

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