Mining industry Mining industry

We offer the following technological solutions and equipment for oil, gas, oil refineries

  • drilling fluids treatment and recovery using membrane technologies

  • deposit water treatment using evaporation energy-saving equipment

  • domestic waste water biological treatment of mines and shift camps

  • rainwater, industrial and rain water surface water treatment from suspended substances and oil products, detergents, salts.

  • waste water treatment after technological equipment washing

BMT specialists have developed a technology for sulfate-containing wastewater treatment using chemicals meeting discharge standards into the objects of fishery, cultural and domestic purposes.

Purified water with max 1000 mg/l salt content and max 100 mg/l sulphate concentration is the discharged into the sewer or fishery (cultural and household purposes). The precipitate (cake) of ettringite with moisture content up to 50% is supplied for packing to big-bag and subsequent burial. Hazard class is max 4.

The technology reduces sulphate ions content in waste water from 3000, 4000 mg/l up to 100 mg/l thus decreasing total mineralization.

The ettringite suspension formed in the sedimentation tank has a high sorption activity against heavy metals ions and oil products, which ensure their concentration decrease in the discharged effluents.

The ettringite (as solid waste) can be used in concrete products manufacture for various purposes, significantly increasing their strength and durability, thus, there is no problem utilizing ettringite.

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