Municipal waste water Municipal waste water

«BMT» designs, constructs new and modernizes existing municipal waste water treatment facilities, manufactures basic and additional equipment for the cities, town, settlements, villages, industrial enterprises etc. Applying biological treatment method to meet discharge requirement into natural fishery water bodies.

Nowadays about 90% of all waste water passes through biological treatment facilities, which is one of the most available technology foe municipal waste water as is solve of the treatment problems of this water type.

"BMT" manufactures biological treatment facilities of various capacity.

They can be produced in the following variants:

  • technological equipment is mounted in the heated block container (max 100 m3/day)

  • technological equipment is mounted in the pre-fabricated building (over 100 m3/day)

  • open air treatment facilities (over 500 m3/day).

The technology has the following basic treatment stages:

  • coarse mineral solids removal in grit chamber

  • suspended solids removal in a primary sedimentation tank equipped with thin-layer elements

  • biochemical cleaning and settling in the bioreactor with nitri-, denitrification zones (for process intensification)

  • biological treatment and ensuring the quality of purified water bioreactor

  • post treatment

  • дезинфекцию очищенной воды (на основе ультрафиолетового излучения или с помощью раствора гипохлорита натрия).

  • treated water disinfection (Ultraviolet or sodium hypochlorite).

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