Petroleum containing effluents Petroleum containing effluents

Rainwater, industrial rainwater and wastewaters of many enterprises are characterized by significant concentrations of oil and petroleum products. The treatment method is complicated by additional contaminants present waters: significant concentrations of suspended solids, heavy metals, phenols, etc. The high pollution risk requires strict standards to the water discharge both into urban sewers and directly into surface water bodies.

Treatment facilities produced by “BMT” provide the removal of oil, petroleum and other related impurities from waste water to meet the Standard requirements, in many cases a closed-loop water circulation can be provided.

Besides BMT offers the technology of oil products, petroleums and suspended substances removal in the circulating water supply systems of compressors, vacuum pumps systems and other objects. The residual concentration of oil products in the filtrate after treating circulating water is 0.05 - 1 mg/l.

Principal technologic treatment stages:

  • Mechanical treatment

  • Filtration using highly effective polymer

  • Final treatment using activated carbon.

Hydrophobic polymer sorbent based on modified polyurethane foam (PUF) absorbs different classes of petroleum products, has excellent relaxation properties and ensures 50 centrifuge cycles.

The periodicity of sorbent regeneration is determined by the concentration of petroleum products in wastewater and can vary from once a week to once a year.


  • UV-disinfection

  • post-treatment to remove heavy metals (copper, zinc, cadmium, Nickel, etc.)

Technologic solution is determined by:

  • fed water composition

  • treated water requirements

  • waste water origin (industrial and rainwater)

The treatment facility is equipped with all the necessary control and automation systems.

Fully automatic operation (ACS TP) including control unit and visualization on the contact panel of the operator or display is available if required, continuous operation.

The equipment can be mounted both in the existing premises or in prefabricated buildings with minimal construction capital costs.

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