Rain an thaw waste water Rain an thaw waste water

The developed technology for the deep purification of surface rain and thaw water from residential areas, industrial enterprises, gas stations, Parking lots, vehicles garages, depots and other facilities combines the latest technology and provides high degree of treatment, simplicity and reliability, ensures the removal of suspended solids and petroleum products and meets the discharge requirements of surface water bodies, including fishery category.

The problem of water bodies pollution by surface water frequently falls into water bodies without proper treatment from large number of organic matters, suspended solids, petroleum products, phenols, heavy metal compounds, nutrients etc. Surface and rain water treatment is used to protect water resources from contamination by oil products and suspended solids.

Depending on the requirements for rain water discharge, the treatment facilities have been developed where various methods used:

• mechanical water treatment

• physico-chemical treatment., allowing effective purification and neutralization of hazard impurities.

• Over 100 rain water facilities have been manufactured and effectively operate in Russia.

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