Electroplating Electroplating

«BМТ» produces water treatment plants for electroplating processes according to RF Technical Standards GOST 9.314-90.

Coated parts washing between the operations is very important for any galvanic process. Poor quality washing can not only negate all efforts to obtain good and beautiful coating, but also spoil working solutions and even equipment.

Therefore, a thorough washing should be carried out after each operation, in a large amount of clean of mixed water. In modern electroplating production multistage back wash is used.

Water treatment technologies for electroplating include:

  • mechanical treatment

  • reverse osmosis desalination (one-or two-stage)

  • other methods and different combinations.

“BMT” offers close cycle waste water treatment technology for electroplating in compliance with GOST 9.314-90. The equipment is produced as modules, which can operate both in a single cycle treatment facilities, and as local systems as well.

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