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All modern enterprises producing food require efficient water treatment to provide stable operation of complex technological processes. "BMT" offers water treatment plants for high quality water production for any branch of food industry in compliance with certain production processes.

Common practice shows that not all traditional treatment methods are applicable for food industry due to high price, considerable energy consumption and complicated equipment.

"BMT" produces efficient and alternative technology for various producers of food industry:

  • alcohol

  • brewery

  • beverage

  • mineral and drinking bottled water

  • dairy

  • baby food

  • bakery

  • producers of sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise

  • ice-producing

  • washing equipment

  • boilers for hot water and steam generating.

Water treatment equipment is based on state-of-art, efficient and universal technologies including membrane filtration (Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis) combined with conventional method of treatment.

Processed water corresponds to the following requirements:

  • GOST 2874-82 «Potable water. Sanitary requirements and quality control»

  • SanPIN «Potable water. Sanitary requirements to bottled water quality. Quality control»

  • SanPIN «Production quality control of dairy products»

  • other industrial standards and technological requirements.

To develop the appropriate technological solution for water treatment process we require initial water analyses and processed water requirements. T

The list of the manufactured and delivered water treatment plants for food industry.

"BMT" offers innovative technologies for waste water treatment in various branches of food industry.

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