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Glass industry and double-glazed window production uses water for various technological processes. A lot of water is consumed in the production and the high cost of water requires reuse washing water systems. “BMT” manufactures water treatment systems according to Customer requirements, and also develops technology of water reuse thus increasing production quality, enterprise profitability, term of operation and significantly reducing energy and water consumption.

For glass production washing demineralized water is used with a residual salt content of max 10 mg/l and minimum content of organic impurities.

The desalinated water demand for the production of double-glazed windows affects the products quality.

Water should not leave any traces on inner surfaces after washing and drying in the manufacturing process. In modern production lines of double-glazed windows specially prepared water is used for washing glass. Traditionally, ion-exchange demineralization was used for this purpose. Currently reverse osmosis is getting widely spread.

Technological diagram development and equipment selection are individual for each customer according to his technical requirements.

Besides "BMT" offers waste water technology for glass works including the hydrofluoric acid recovery and water and valuable components reuse in production. This technology is implemented in a number of armored glass enterprises.

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