Microelectronics Microelectronics

«BMT ltd» designs and manufactures desalination plants for Ultrapure water, used in the production of electronic components, semi-conductors, circuit boards, LC displays etc. in compliance with technical standards for pure water quality:

  • ГОСТ 6709-72 «Distilled water. Technical requirements»

  • ОСТ 11. 029.003 – 80. «Electronic products. Water, used in production. Types, technical requirements, methods of treatment and control»

  • D5127-90 water for electronics ASTM

  • Other Standards applied for this branch, producers

Specific electrical resistivity of purified water for microelectronics up to 18 MW * cm (deionized water)..

Water treatment plants for microelectronics comprise:

  • mechanical pre-treatment

  • Reverse osmosis desalination (1- or 2-stage)

  • Н- cation, ОН- anionization

  • decarbonization and deaeration

  • mixed resin filter (or EDI)

  • other methods and combinations

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