Petrochemical industry Petrochemical industry

“BMT” designs, develops and implements water treatment systems providing uninterrupted water supply of the required amount and quality for oil-processing and petrochemical enterprises where water is used both for the technological and production, potable and fire-preventing purposes.

High-quality water treatment is due to the application of advanced membrane technologies alongside with traditional water treatment methods.

In oil refineries water treatment is necessary for:

  • solutions, cooling lubricants and emulsions make-up

  • cooling systems for equipment and products

  • water make-up for boilers, cooling towers and steam generators, etc.

For solving these problems "BMT" offers water treatment systems based on advanced membrane technologies and traditional methods:

  • reverse osmosis plants

  • ultrafiltration units

  • ion exchange facilities

  • mechanical filter

  • iron removal unit

  • vacuum dehydration filters, etc.

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