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«BМТ ltd» offers modern water treatment equipment both for the new and modernized power engineering enterprises (Thermal, Water and Nuclear stations), which consume huge amounts of water. Water quality directly depends on equipment maintenance, its safety and efficiency. That is why feed water for power engineering requires purification.

High quality water pretreatment provides:

  • prevention of scale formation and precipitation, clogging, bio fouling, corrosion of heat exchange equipment

  • condensate reuse

  • reduced frequency of boilers blowdowns

  • reduced chemicals consumption

  • good quality vapor

  • operational costs reduction, increase of the equipment efficiency, increase its service life.


  • water desalination for steam cycle makeup and for injection into the combustion chambers of gas turbines

  • water treatment for heat networks supply with open hot water system

  • water treatment for the loss compensation for of cooling system cycle

  • water desalination without expensive ion-exchange filters with mixed resin, decarbonizators, electrodeionizators. Conductivity not min 0.1 µs/cm is guaranteed

Water treatment systems are very essential for power engineering, as it directly influences reliability and efficiency of boilers operation. Nowadays a number of steam and hot water boilers are put into operation. In order to determine water-chemical regime it is necessary to take into account the requirements for the water quality of the manufacturer and the regulatory requirements of the Russian Federation. When indicators are mixed, more stringent requirements are selected.

Each technological process requires a certain water desalination which is regulated by the relevant regulations: RD 24.031.120-91, GOST 20995-75, 153-34.20.501-2003, STO 70238424.27.100.013-2009, rules of technical operation (PTE) and technical conditions (TU) developed by manufacturers of heat power equipment. Demineralized water is considered to have specific electrical resistance of 3 to 18 MW * cm (specific electrical conductivity of 0.056 to 0.333 MS/cm).

In the energy sector desalinated water with specific electrical resistance up to 18 MOhm * cm (at 200 ° C) (deionized water) is used at heat, Hydro and nuclear power stations for feeding steam boilers, turbines and waste heat boilers operating under pressure up to 140 atm. Various technologies and equipment are used for power facilities water treatment.

The choice of technology and equipment selection is carried out individually in accordance with the requirements of the Customer basing on:

  • feed water composition

  • technological regulations for power and auxiliary equipment

  • available production facilities.

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